Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Polar Convergence

What’s my favourite wine? I don’t have one.  And I don’t have a favourite style either.  However if push comes to shove, I’ll say Mosel Riesling. That’s because SWMBO and I love sharing bottles of these, and they are her favourites.  The answer usually does the job, and no more is asked.  But I can confound the issue by saying I equally like Sonoma Zinfandel.  You couldn’t get two more polar opposites.  One being crisp, sweet, light, minerally and acidic, the other hot, alcoholic and jammy with a good dose of tannin.  We often serve them together over a meal!

We had The Master with us.  He brought the 2009 Egon Muller Scharzhofberger Riesling Kabinett.  Classical Saar, but sealed in screwcap.  Minerally and steely, with florals, steel and some flinty reduction.  But for once, I detected a deep core and weight, rather than the zingy lightness.  2009 was a warmer vintage and the wine is just beginning to develop, explaining this heavier note.

The 2011 Ridge ‘Lytton Springs’ we’ve had a number of times now.  This was our contribution.  Initially very primary and raspberry-boysenberryish-blueberry pie, and supple as can be.  And over time, coming together, with greater concentration, tannin and extract appearing.  The flavours veering away from the red towards the blue and black. But in the overall scheme of things, Ridge has always been elegant.  There’s just an increasing sense of finesse, class and claret style.  I can’t ever see these two style meet in the middle, naturally, but there is a slight convergence!