Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh 'La La'

As part of the palate retraining programme, I had the chance to taste the Guigal 'La Las' from 2005 - all 100 pointers by Robert Parker. Oh La La! They were good, even to my palate that's a little sensitive to alcohol and acidity. They say that the nose can give you 80% of a wine's character. I'd better believe it. I could certainly see the terroir in the three labels.

La Mouline from the Cote Blonde, surprisingly open and broad, but lighter in weight. La Turque , a Cote Brune, but ironically with its exotic perfumes and tight concentration and backward nature. La Landonne, from the Cote Brune, full of black fruits, size and majesty. Up there with them was the 2005 Cote-Rotie 'Chateau d'Ampuis', an assemblage of fruit from selected plots, wascomplete and spicy with juiciness. Even the 'Cote Brune et Blonde', which has disappointed recently had taken a step up.

Again, all I can say is 'Oh La La'

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