Thursday, August 19, 2010

Near Perfect

What a lovely night we had with the real Mr Parker. It was full of news, not all the best, but that's what is happening in real life. In a perfect world it would be a bit dull in the end?

And the beverages were that way too. Over a meal at the favourite eaterie, we had a 2007 Loosen Erdener Pralat Riesling Auslese (white cap, not Gold). The Goldcap has that much more richness, botrytis and textural depth, and a little more 'extra' nuance that makes it pretty much the ultimate. This white cap was a little less rich, but cleaner, more poised, more acidic, and pretty well just as perfect as the God cap, but in a different space and different way. Delicious with the Asian food, and probably better than the Gold cap would have been. And surprisingly not overly sweet! It unfolded more and more, but kept its stylishness.

Also sipped on was a 1999 Jadot Musigny, a Louis Jadot domaine wine, of course. Mr Parker would not have anything but the best! A bit scary to open, particularly with the lightish Asian meal, as Jadot's way is big, serious and meaty - the the vintage is a strong one. On broaching, it was full of funky, complex bits, tight and densely solid. It wasn't a pretty Musigny for sure. But as these burgundies do, it developed in the glass. The terroir of Musigny appeared on bouquet. Silky nuances of meaty perfumes. The palate remaining acidic and alive. And coming harmonious, with nuance and interest. My early summary was "Musigny on the nose and Jadot on the palate", and this held true. No hurry with this one - another decade easily.

We went home for a nightcap. SWMBO and I couldn't think of a better occasion than having Mr Parker share our 2002 Eitelsbach Karthauserhofberg Riesling Eiswein. Only 6.0%, so he could drive home! Golden colour, and the most amazing depth and concentration of florals, minerals and ice, with toast and honey on the nose. It was on drinking it that its glory was revealed. Incredible depth of flavour, amazing presence and acidity, as Eisweins have. The inclusion of botrytised fruit giving it a forward flavour edge. If it wasn't showing the development, it would be perfect. But then less enjoyable on the night for us. So perfect, really!

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