Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Out of the Way Euro-Whites

A couple of Euro-Whites came our way from out of the way.  It’s always interesting to try such wines as it gives us another perspective on what we’re familiar with.

The Island Man served at lunch a 2010 Matthias Muller Bopparder Hamm Fuerlay Riesling feinherb alte Rebe.  I can’t remember when I last had a Mittelrhein wine, maybe 20 years at least, whereas many German Rieslings from other regions have passed our way regularly.  A little more northerly and it showed in its delicacy and light weight, even though it is 11.5% alc.  It was surprisingly soft; I expected more acid bite, but then global warming is becoming more manifest?  True florals and minerals with an occasional sacky note from the sulphur coming though.  Not pretentious as it is a Qualitatswein, so I shouldn’t be precious!

We had at dinner with The Leaner, a 2010 Bodegas Terras Gauda Rias Baixas O’Rosal we obtained from the Aromatics Ace.  Predominantly Albarino, with some indigenous varieties in the mix.  A super spicy, exotic floral and herbal amalgam with racy acidity and a lusciousness, though really quite dry in the final analysis.  This was a bit of a stunner, and it just got better in the glass.  No Euro-trash here!

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