Saturday, July 23, 2016

Unexpected Power

SWMBO attended the Pegasus Bay mail order tasting in December last year.  At this event the Donaldson family put out some rarities as treats for their loyal followers.  She was taken by the aromatic intensity of the 2014 Pegasus Bay Waipara Valley Muscat.  The Donaldsons only have a few rows and make only a few hundred litres for family, cellar door and of course mail order customers.
Then earlier this year we visited the Pegasus Bay winery where Mat Donaldson took us for a little tour of the vineyard.  Vintage was 90% done with Riesling and bits and pieces still to bring in, including the Muscat that would make the 2016 vintage wine.  We tasted the grapes still on the vine.  Delicious and unique was the verdict with the Young One and Jo-Lo particularly impressed.

So it was dinner time recently, and it seemed the ideal time to bring out the 2014 that SWMBO had acquired.  We started with Riesling, then the plan was to have the Muscat before moving onto Chardonnay.  The Muscat stopped everyone in their tracks.  The power and intensity of the aromas and flavours was sensational.  Raisins and grapes with musk and flowers.  Very Alsace-like and pretty much dry.  It was unexpected power, and indeed too much for the meal of Asian design!  Maybe a smelly cheese would work better.  We have more bottles to try this out.

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