Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Fromm the Back of Beyond

We find it amazing and warming that friends bring out wines they have had squirreled away for years and share them with us.  It’s even more amazing when the wines are drinking sensationally, especially when they have had ‘extended bottle age’.

Now I won’t say that The Bassinet Babes had forgotten about this wine they had.  They’d actually bought a few bottles on the strength of their convictions of the quality and potential to develop.  They’d say they were lucky with this last bottle they opened, but SWMBO and I know they have good palates and the acumen to make good cellaring decisions.

The 1998 Fromm ‘La Strada’ Marlborough Riesling was like any top class mature German Riesling to me in many ways.  Bright yellow with the aromas of citrus fruits, honey and toast and some cream custard which is our signal for something special from the Mosel.  Medium sweet and low alcohol, and surprising body presence.  I thought Mosel, but SWMBO correctly guessed N.Z.  Just not quite enough acidity for Mosel, if I’d thought harder.  At 18 years old, in remarkable condition and drinking on its plateau, maybe near the end of it.  A suggestion of drying a tad, but that’s a quibble.  Absolutely delicious and it went down a treat and quickly.

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