Sunday, July 18, 2010

Long Timer

It has been a long time since we had a long weekend on the go wine-wise. A night or a few nights interspersed with some gaps has been relatively easy to handle. But this weekend was all action from Friday to Sunday. SWMBO and I were the guests of Caz-Whizz and Brucie-Bro, who I must admit took it easy on us, but it all added up. Secretly, I thought they were the worse for wear too, but they wouldn't let it show.

Anyway, a highlight was the Saturday night roast. Caz-Whizz did a great job on this and the meat was juicy and tender. The beverage list was gentle and built up. First in the glass was a 2009 Mt Beautiful Cheviot Hills Pinot Gris. Weighty, ripe, honied and with some spice. We thought it had some botrytis adding positives, but I've been told the fruit was spotless. This will get better. Then on to a remarkably good 2007 Kemblefield Gewurztraminer. Loads of gongs, and it was still pale and fresh. A little grip on the palate, but that's what Gewurz does. The red was a 1983 Ch. Brane Cantenac from Margaux. Elegant, lively acidity, red fruits, moderated tannins and a touch of animal. All rather pleasant and quite drinkable, rather than a wow wine. In its day a modestly rated number, but as we've found, these old clarets take on a life and personality far better than ratings by Mr Parker. Then finishing with a developed 2005 Framingham Noble Riesling. Golden, full of caramel and honey, but with a power of acid zing. Moving along for me, but still able to hang in there a few more years.

All of these would be classified as long timers for what they are or were. Just like SWMBO and I, plus Caz-Whizz and Brucie-Bro, who will go a long way.

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