Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It's a time of relaxation. A surprise visit by Pedro led to a meal out with him and Lady Gala, and it was indeed a bit of a carry-on. That's what happens when you're relaxed.

We started the proceedings with an NV Louis Roederer 'Brut Premier'. Great nose with loads of autolysis and depth, but surprisingly lighter on palate. Surprising as the one we had last week was pretty well perfect. Maybe this bottle was very fresh. Nevertheless, very delish.

We moved onto a 2006 Martinborough Vineyard Chardonnay. Big, full, broad from development, complex, and at peak maturity. And in no way over the top or flabby. What a wonderful drink good Chardonnay is. By comparison, a 2008 Auntsfield Chardonnay was very tight and unyielding. For 2008, it was backward, so it really had potential. With our main courses, a 2006 Poderi Colla Nebbiolo d'Alba was very varietal. Fragrant, complex and savoury, with great extraction and acid. Pedro, Lady Gala and SWMBO were in raptures. The tannin build-up got to me at the end of the bottle.

We were all pretty mellow by the latter part of the evening and our host Jameski shouted a Muscat Beaumes de Venise, producer and vintage forgotten. But it was absolutely clear-cut, clean and everything it should have been. Relaxation does have its problems, and memory can be put on hold. An interlude with Dows 10 y.o. was a let down. Too fruity. Not enough rancio. One to pass by. However the Delamaine XO was unforgettable in every detail. Glorious bouquet of intensity and finesse. Wonderful oak, but with fruit sweetness. Cognac is so stylish. And Delamaine is class.

Now that made us relax....

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  1. Raymond:

    I have not been able to catch up with you in the last few weeks with traveling and work. I'm sorry I missed the last tasting. I wish you the best in your future projects and would love to hear what you're up to.