Friday, August 31, 2012

I Meant Mencia

After my very positive experience with a Mencia from Bierzo wine last weekend with the A-Prentices, I thought it would be good to explore more, especially as we were catching up with The Chairman and P-Prince over the next few days and nights.  So off I went to the GG bottle store and picked up a couple at the more affordable end.  First up was the 2009 Decendientes Palacios ‘Petalos’ Bierzo from the masters of the region.  This is at the base end, and it was a pleasant Mediterranean red with fruit and savoury flavours.  It could have come from anywhere in the region, not showing fragrance nor fine elegance and acidity.  A nice drink nevertheless.  Then the 2005 Dominio de Tares ‘Cepas Viejas’ Bierzo.  Expecting plenty after the lovely 2006, as 2005 would be a better year.  But no, the galloping brett horses took charge, and the wine, though gutsy, had no varietal delicacy, but plenty of farmyard.  SWMBO was not amused!  I meant to show Mencia, and went away disappointed.

Thank goodness for the classics.  The start of the evening was marked by a 2010 Yves Cuilleron ‘La Petite Cote’ Condrieu.  Sure it’s not the big label, but very true to style, a faint touch of herbs to the exoticism, and lovely near-unctuous weight and texture.  Gorgeous, rich and weighty Viognier.  Everything it should have been.  Then served by The Gallopers, a 2006 Yalumba ‘Signature’ Cabernet/Shiraz from the Barossa.  A little more developed since last time, showing the soft savoury notes, and now the firm curranty Cabernet Sauvignon dominating over the peppery, spicy Shiraz.  Nice oaking too, allowing the fruit to speak, but enough there to let you know there’s plenty of it.  Delicious stuff, and a treat.  Then the big-one, a 2001 Penfolds Grange.  "Infanticide" cried ‘P-Prince’ and ‘The Chairman’.  Ripe, but not over the top.  Huge weight, but with elegance.  Density, but fluid and very drinkable.  Sure this was firm, primary and new American oaky, but it ticked all the boxes and was the first to be emptied.  And it was great with the hearty, meaty fare.  That’s what such wines are for, and not to be put on a pedestal.   

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