Friday, August 10, 2012

Pinot Noir Plateau

The Little Aussie Battler was celebrating a Big Birthday.  She and the Drama Queen arranged a fine dining experience with Hot Heather and Dolby Dudley, and SWMBO and I were lucky to be part of the party.  The Champers, white wine and dessert oloroso were everything they should have been, the dinner was superb, and the staff and service more than what you could ever expect.
But it was the Pinot Noir that shone through.  The Battler has a thing for Ata Rangi, with connections all round, and she provided a 2003 Ata Rangi Martinborough Pinot Noir.  A good vintage in quality terms, small and concentrated berries with really good ripeness too.  But nearly a decade down the track, what could you expect?  Some of the 2003s from the district aren’t looking that smart now.  There are some that really still look they can go further.  This is one of those!  Dark ruby colour still, with no brick dominance, thus exuded ripe, primary dark red berry fruit flavours with those hints of savouries that Martinborough have.  But no excessive secondary undergrowth, forest-floor or fungal stuff.  Nice vitality from the acid, and softened tannins.  Very silky too.  This had a little opulence with it.  Absolutely delicious and hard not to indulge.  This was just entering the prime of its drinking life – its plateau, just like The Little Aussie Battler.

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