Friday, May 22, 2015

Black Blue Green Red

We met up with the Ally Pally Helly couple for a weekend away.  They arrived first, and upon our arrival, the starters and white wine were ready and waiting.  Such service!  After a good catch up, we headed off to one of our favourite eateries for some carbohydrate, before heading back for another vino to accompany some laughs and to see off the night.
It was our turn to provide, and it was a 2010 Prieler ‘Leithaberg’ Burgenland Blaufrankisch.  This isn’t quite the top wine for Prieler from the Burgenland in Austria, but the fruit is from the ‘Goldberg’ site which is schist and limestone, and the wine sees 20 months in wood.  Black red in colour, the wine is a fruit-focussed one without the earthy dusty ‘Old World’ feel, and very modern in expression.  It is said Blaufrankisch is the Cabernet Sauvignon of Austria, and that’s maybe where SWMBO and I could see green curranty flavours, this not being unripe in any way though.  Clean and green, and supple and sweet, fruity and only a suggestion of savoury, funky interest, this was a delish Blue Frank red.  A rainbow!   

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