Monday, February 15, 2016

Ticking Boxes

It’s a way of ensuring you are on the right track when selecting or understanding a wine to enjoy.  You’ve got to tick all the boxes which are important.  But sometimes there’s just no accounting for taste, and the wine doesn’t do what you expect.

The 2011 Tenuta San Guido ‘Le Difese’ was a gift from Ted in London.  Ted has good taste and gets good advice – tick.  The wine is from the producer of Sassicaia, a third tier – tick.  It is reputed to offer great value – tick.  There’s only 500 cases made, so a rarity – tick.

Opening and pouring it, it showed garnet hues.  Plenty of dried leather, dried herb and earthy aromas.  Then a balanced palate of moderately sweet fruit, but with plenty of textures, dryness and grip, in a dusty sort of way.  This is 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, but the Sangiovese was more prominent.  Oaking not really obvious, if at all.  Quite a serviceable red, and identifiably Tuscan in not necessarily the best way.  Everything ticked, but not quite there.  That’s life.

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