Friday, June 17, 2016

Never Mind the Length, Just Feel the Width

Like this rather innuendo-laden saying of the title, there’s more to a wine experience than just the technical quality and stylistic beauty – or lack of – when tasting and drinking a wine.  The Hatch Man provided a bottle of 1998 Dr. Loosen Erdener Pralat Riesling Auslese in 375 ml as a little treat.  Little bottles of delicious sweet wine have been on our minds recently, and he knew it.  So this was sent through the post as a little gift, and another sign of our long standing friendship and respect that both SWMBO and I have for him and his Love Dove.  The wine has always been a significant one.  It’s Ernie Loosen’s flagship vineyard, and the old-fashioned label honours the traditions of the region, the winemaking and the style.  SWMBO and I have appreciated it, so ant Loosen Erdener Pralat is something to note and adore.

Out came the wine as we had SWMBO’s family visiting.  To share some love is only the natural thing to do with them.  Technically the wine was a little past its best.  A little savoury, bruised apple and nuttiness showed some oxidation.  Stylistically, the slight savouriness meant a hint of sourness.  The balance was now getting out of kilter.  But these things didn’t matter.  We could still see and enjoy the richness of the fruit.  “Nectarines soaked in Cointreau” was one description.  Here was honey, with a touch our wildness.  Surprisingly elegant rather than hedonistic.  We could feel The Hatch Man and Love Dove’s warmth and generosity emanating from it.  We basked in it.  And we let it flow the SWMBO’s family.  It was a wonderful feeling.   

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