Saturday, June 11, 2016

Perfect, Just Perfect

Sometimes you know when a wine has that feel of perfection that you must buy more and put it away to see how well that perfection carries.  By perfection, I’m meaning a personal and soul-deep satisfaction, rather than technical perfection which can be rated in numbers or stars.  The 2011 Dr Loosen Erdener Treppchen Riesling Kabinett was one such wine.  SWMBO and I have always loved Ernie Loosen’s style of elegant forthrightness, and especially his interpretation and capture of what this Mosel site has.  We’ve stood at the bottom of the bottom of the vineyard, and wondered if we should climb the steps to this vinous heaven.  We know the neighbouring Pralat vineyard is more highly regarded, but for us, Treppchen does it all.

Our last bottle of this wine, and it delivered everything we’d ever expected of it.  Grunter and Lou was dining with us and they were smitten too.  Lovely medium dry to medium in sweetness with he elegance of low alcohol.  Seamless in flow, with a suggestion of unctuousness, but with the edge of electric Mosel acidity.  Then the subtle exoticism of the site.  Florals and hints of citrus and tropical fruits, with honey and an edge of minerals.  Even a little toasty development, but no hurry at all required.  Mouthwateringly delicious, yet stylish and understated.  Another sip, and another glass pass without any interruption.  Perfect drinking, just perfect.

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