Monday, January 16, 2017

Coming Up Roses

Sure, life can be tough and it is all too easy to focus on adversity.  But for all of us, some distraction by finer things can lend a positive spin on things.  By doing so, you can come up roses.  SWMBO and I were gifted a rather nice bottle of bubbles by The Chairman, with the proviso that we drink it together.  We did that, but in the company of The Bassinet Babes who had recently moved house.  So it was a house-warming drink on a lovely summer’s evening.
The NV Veuve Clicquot Champagne Rosé Brut was a delight.  Pouring into flutes a pale peach pink colour, the aromas were subtle and stylish, with delicate strawberry and floral notes, all intermixed with a thread of bready-yeasty autolysis.   The fruit fragrances were the feature, and this was repeated and emphasised on the palate.  The florals were certainly in the rose-like spectrum, but they were beautifully complexed by the detail of other red berry fruits, and a wonderfully subtle nuance of bread and yeast.  Texturally, the wine was soft, with just enough phenolics for structure, and the acidity more integrated than noticeable.  For more than a moment, life was all roses, as we enjoyed this delicious wine, and our cares faded into the background.

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