Saturday, January 7, 2017

Fire in Her Belly

Some people are quiet and sedate, but not Jubes.  She is spirited and can have a bit of fire in her belly, and always on the go.  She lives life to the full, and there are many years of living ahead of her.  She is loads of fun and being in her company is invigorating.
We don’t know how Jubes acquired the 1977 Croft Vintage Port, but in a way the wine is a reflection of her personality.  While Croft may be considered in the second tier of the quality hierarchy, the house has many fans, and for good reason: it is thoroughly representative, dependable and delivers everything expected of it.  It just misses out on the finer detail and idiosyncrasies that make the best wines stand out.  Of course 1977 is still regarded as a classic Vintage Port year, and while approaching maturity at 40 years of age, the wines have plenty of life ahead of them. 
After decanting, the wine still showed a light red heart with traces of tawny, and quite a pale edge.  On nose, red berry fruits, ripe raisiny notes and the cut of spirit showed that this was far from the fully developed, and not in the ethereal, faded roses state.  On palate still with a bit of fire and pepper, the flavours reflecting the nose.  No faded roses here, nor any trace of complexing rancio, nutty development, but pristine and with clarity.  Very refined extraction allowing the sweetness and alcohol to show a bit more than necessary.  In many ways a wine in transition, wanting to retain its youth, but heading towards adulthood.  Just like Jubes. 

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