Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Best Bargain

There are a number of candidates for the best ‘classical’ wine bargains in the world.  Sherry and port, the fortifieds are out of fashion now, mainly because of their higher alcoholic content.  Immediately after these must be Sauternes.  These can be truly among the world’s greatest sweet wines, along with German and Tokay wine, says accepted wisdom.  Who am I to argue?

With The Roaders here and a number of lovely wines which they provided all finished, SWMBO and I could only bring out a Sauternes to see off the evening.  The 2007 Ch. Suduiraut Sauternes was perfect for the purpose.  A quiet and small glass of something deliciously decadent.  This in 375 ml bottle, so just enough for a sip for the four of us.  Light golden, the bouquet initially quite lifted, but unveiling layer upon layer of richness, with toffee and caramel, along with wild honey.  The Roadette said beeswax.  Honey and lanolin also.  The palate the same flavours, with and unctuous texture, but enough acid cut to keep it from cloying.  Nectar of course, but with power and strength.  Sure it was a little bottle, but it satisfied in every way.  A very good vintage, and with a future ahead of it.  We must get some more!

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