Saturday, April 16, 2016

I Felt It Was Fading

Not every bottle you broach is going to be what you expect.  A long time ago, The Roaders gifted me with a special bottle to mark getting through some tough stuff.  It was a Pinot Noir from a good vineyard and from a good year.  Also in its favour was that it was a big bottle, being a 1.5 L magnum.  We were invited to the A-Prentice’s party with around 30 people attending, so it was an ideal time to share it with some good folk.
The 2006 Felton Road ‘Calvert Vineyard’ Central Otago Pinot Noir 2006 1.5 L opened up easily and the cork was in good condition.  In the glass you could see it was showing its decade of development, the colour more garnet with a hint of orange, if not brick.  And from thereon in, it spoke of secondary development.  While there’s nothing wrong with that, and indeed such complexity is delicious and delightful, I expected some more vestiges of primary fruit.  The sweetness of soft red and darker red fruits intermingled with dried herbs and game, as well as mushrooms and earth.  The tannins were beginning to resolve, but still there was sufficient structure.  There was enough acidity and life, but liveliness was a little lacking.  People loved the wine, and big glasses were being poured and consumed.  SWMBO and I had a decent sip too.  But I felt it was fading a bit, maybe a little before its time?  The wine was stored well, so it could have been a cork issue?

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